Finance and After Market Product Cancellations

In certain instances you may be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the unused portion of certain Finance and Aftermarket Products. These products include:

* Vehicle Service Contracts
* Maintenance Agreements
* GAP Waiver
* Tire & Wheel Coverage
* Unscheduled Maintenance Coverage
* Safe & Secure Package (Etching & Keycare) and associated upgrades
* Lease Shield Coverage
Please download and fill out the appropriate form(s) as set forth below.
Please send the completed forms to [email protected]

As an alternative, you may fax the cancellation form(s) to (908) 851-5604.
Should you have any questions regarding the cancellation(s) please call (908) 964-1600 x1506.
Please be advised that it normally takes from six (6) to nine (9) weeks from the date we receive the cancellation notice until the cancellation is fully processed and a refund is issued by the product provider.


The formula for determining the amount of the cancellation is set forth in the individual contract. In most cases there is a cancellation fee associated with the cancellation of the product before the termination date.Please be advised that if you are financing the vehicle (including leasing) the amount of any cancellation will be paid to the financing institution directly and will reduce the unpaid balance (and will not reduce the actual payment).