Auto Detailing Services In Verona, New Jersey, At DCH Montclair Acura

Do you want to keep your new Acura looking as good as the day you drove off the lot? Then come to DCH Montclair Acura for professional auto detailing services in Verona, New Jersey. We all know the joy of driving a freshly washed and waxed car. Somehow, the car always seems to go faster and drive better. That feeling is even greater after a full interior and exterior detailing of your car.

If you have never had your Acura MDX detailed before, book your detailing service with our local Acura dealership. We’ll clean your car inside and out, vacuum pet hair, and remove odors. We offer three easy ways to schedule your full-service car detailing or mobile car detailing service with our new and used Acura dealership. You can:

  • Drop by our convenient location in person
  • Call our Acura service department team directly
  • Use our secure website toschedule your appointment online

What Does Auto Detailing Include?

The Wash and Dry

You might be wondering what a full-service car wash and detailing includes. After we power-wash your new Acura to remove dirt and debris, we’ll clean the wheels and tires to remove brake dust and grime. Once the wheels a shining brightly, we’ll soap the entire car and use a microfiber wash mitt to clean your vehicle.

Our team will then rinse your car and use high-pressure air to dry your vehicle and remove excess water from door seals and gaps. A clean microfiber towel will then be used to dry your vehicle and leave your windshield with a streak-free shine.

The Interior

From there, our professional detailing team will clean your car’s interior with a series of detailing brushes and towels. From the carpets to the upholstery to the dashboard, the detail center at DCH Montclair Acura is your home for professional auto detailing. To keep your new luxury car looking in optimal condition, take advantage of our luxury car detailing services. Our team is trained to maintain the specialty paint and interior of your vehicle.

Take advantage of our comprehensive auto detailing services near Springfield. We can hand wash your car, truck, or SUV while providing meticulous attention to detail with a full menu of services. No job is done until your Acura shines from every angle.

Waxing, Polishing, and Scratch Removal

If you are searching for sealant or polishing services to keep your new Acura sport sedan glistening in the sun while also shielding your car’s paint from contaminants, come to our local auto detailer.

Visit DCH Montclair Acura For An Auto Detail

Be sure to talk to our team about the full menu of detailing services and options we offer. We have several packages that let you pick the car wash that is right for you.Take these directions from Springfieldto DCH Montclair Acura in Verona, New Jersey.