Battery Service In Verona, NJ

If you are in need of automotive battery charging, maintenance or replacement near Livingston, visit DCH Montclair Acura in Verona, NJ. Our new and used Acura dealership carries the tools and equipment required to measure, charge, diagnose, service and replace the battery on your Acura automobile.

Our technicians hold ASE certifications, so regardless of if you drive an Acura or another automotive manufacturer, our mechanics can assist you. If your vehicle is having trouble with any of the following, the battery and/or battery cables may need to be replaced:

  • Requiring multiple jump-starts
  • Corrosion on the posts or cables
  • Your battery over three years old
  • Alternator problems
  • Your battery is past its warranty
  • Headlights dim when the A/C comes on or at start up

We suggest you schedule your battery service with our Acura certified repair facility immediately to avoid unintentionally causing collateral damage to the alternator or starter motor. The trained technicians our Acura dealership employs will then dispose of your expired battery in alignment with environmental, health, and safety guidelines. The Acura certified mechanics at DCH Montclair Acura are trained to outfit your Acura with the correct size and voltage battery your vehicle requires. See us today in Verona, NJ for all of your charging needs.