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Acura Maintenance Schedules

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Many Montclair and Clifton drivers have questions about Acura maintenance schedules, and the service team at DCH Montclair Acura is always happy to help. The Acura 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000-mile maintenance intervals feature everything you need to keep your luxury car in fantastic condition for the long run. Want to know when to plan your next visit to the service center? Explore the Acura service intervals below, and schedule your next maintenance visit at your convenience! 

Acura Service Intervals

For most Bloomfield drivers, the Acura service intervals will start at 7,500 miles. This will include standard maintenance tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections. These tasks will be repeated frequently throughout the Acura 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000-mile maintenance schedule, so let’s see what you can expect from year to year. 

15,000 Mile Service

The 15,000-mile service includes all of the tasks from the 7,500-mile visit. But, you’ll receive additional inspections and replacements to keep your car running smoothly. These include:

  • Changing rear differential fluid
  • Changing engine oil
  • Inspecting brake system
  • Inspecting exhaust system
  • Inspecting brake lines, hoses & connections
  • Inspecting cooling system hoses & connections
  • Inspecting fuel lines, hoses & connection
  • Inspecting parking brake
  • Inspecting suspension components
  • Inspecting steering gear rack, linkage & boots
  • Inspecting boots & seals drive axles
  • Replacing oil filter
  • Rotating wheels & tires

30,000 Mile Service

The 30,000-mile service repeats the tasks from the 15,000-mile service. But by this time, you’ve likely been on the road for several years. That means your Acura will need additional services, including:

  • Replacing air/cabin filter
  • Replacing brake fluid
  • Replacing engine coolant
  • Replacing transmission fluid
  • Inspecting spark plugs
  • Inspecting brake pads
  • Inspecting tires

60,000 Mile Service

Once you’ve hit the 60,000-mile marker, you’ll see many familiar tasks on the roster: oil changes, tire rotations, and so forth. But this trip will also include a few additional inspections and potential replacements, which include:

  • Replacing transfer case fluid
  • Replacing transmission fluid
  • Replacing differential fluid
  • Replacing timing belt
  • Replacing spark plugs

120,000 Mile Service

You’ve built years of memories on the road with your Acura, and now it’s time for a little TLC in this Acura service interval! The 120,000-mile service includes fine-tuning your steering and suspension, which have been put through their paces. You’ll also need additional services like:

  • Replacing automatic transmission fluid
  • Replacing engine coolant
  • Replacing differential fluid
  • Replacing timing belt
  • Adjusting valves 
  • Replacing spark plugs

Schedule Your Next Service with DCH Montclair Acura!

Still have questions about the Acura maintenance schedules? Contact us at DCH Montclair Acura for more information about the Acura service intervals, including the Acura 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000-mile maintenance schedule. We’d be happy to offer more tips and tricks as well! You can also schedule your next maintenance visit online when you’re ready!

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