Should You Buy A Certified Used Car, Truck, SUV, Or Neither?

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The perks of buying the exact car you wanted a few years ago are less money out of your pocket. To sweeten the deal, certified pre-owned cars are second-hand cars with certified warranty protection and other benefits. So, are approved pre-owned cars worth the investment in Union, NJ? Let’s explore the answer with DCH Montclair Acura.

CPO Program

CPO programs started in the early 1990s as a way for dealers to move older model inventory and compete with independent used car dealers. These programs were intended to give customers some of the benefits they would find with a new car, like a warranty, but at a lower price.

Perks of a Certified Pre-Owned Car in Union, NJ

The benefits of buying a used car with certification can be significant.

1. Warranty

When you buy your CPO car from a reputable Union, NJ dealership, you will get a certified warranty that the manufacturer backs. This warranty is a significant addition to the overall perks you enjoy with your certified used car, where you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is not a recipe for disaster.

2. Better Car Quality

Let’s first understand what we mean by better quality in automobile terms. In certified used cars, dealerships must put the vehicle through a robust and strict set of guidelines and trials to ensure they comply with the CPO requirements. If a pre-owned car doesn’t make the cut, it will not get certified.

3. Lower Mileage

One criterion that used cars pass through the certification process is their mileage. Certified used cars have relatively lower mileage which is a crucial factor when buying a used car. Where the lower mileage may indicate a pricier alternative, you can still relax knowing that you’re closing the best deal out there.

4. Buyback Protection

Imagine that a CPO car you bought had its meter rollback to show fewer miles than it had traveled. You would be rightfully upset. But it is yet another perk of such deals that you are protected from such hassles. Suppose you discover any issue, such as the odometer being tampered with. In that case, the certified dealership is liable to take the car back and reimburse you in full.

5. Better Financing

Suppose you have found a deal in best price used cars and want to get them financed. Chances are that certified used cars will have a lower interest rate as lenders perceive them to be a safer investment. Many dealerships in Union, NJ, also provide numerous financing options, so your certified used car doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The Verdict

So, are certified pre-owned cars better? Yes, they are! Certified used cars have many advantages that make them your best possible option out there.

Suppose you’re not sure where to find a pre-owned car that comes with high assurance. In that case, you may consider visiting us at DCH Montclair Acura, serving Union, NJ.

Our Acura dealership is one of a kind, and we take great pride in offering our esteemed customers top-quality pre-owned cars at the best prices.

Explore our certified used inventory today to find your dream car!

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