What Do The Symbols And Numbers On Automatic Gear Knob Mean?

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As you shop for a new or used car, you’ll undoubtedly become familiar with all the symbols on the automatic gear knob. Each one has a specific purpose, and it’s essential to understand their meaning to drive your car safely and efficiently.

This blog post will describe each symbol and explain its function. By understanding what these symbols mean, you’ll be able to use gears like a pro!

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Automatic Gear Knob Explained

Most car gear shift levers have a standard P-R-N-D pattern. Here’s what each letter means:

P Gear

P is for parking. You should only use this gear when your car is stopped and you need to park it. For example, when you’re parallel parking or pulling into a parking spot.

R Gear

R is for reverse. When your car is in reverse gear, it will move backward. It is the gear you would use when backing out of a parking spot or driveway.

N Gear

N is for neutral. Neutral gear is used when your car is idling or not moving. Your car’s engine will still run when it’s in neutral gear.

D Gear

D is for the drive. It is the gear you would use when driving on the highway or city streets. It’s the most common gear used when you’re behind the wheel.

L Gear

L is for low gear. Low gear is used when driving slowly or going down a steep hill. It’s also known as “engine braking.”

S Gear

S is for sport. Sport mode is typically used when you’re driving on the highway and want to go a bit faster than the regular D mode. It will also downshift gears more quickly than in D mode.

Other letters and symbols may be included on your car’s gear shift knob. For example, some cars have gear 1,2,3 for more torque or a manual mode. These modes are typically used for racing or driving on winding roads. Check your car’s owner’s manual to learn more about these features.

Bottom Line

There you have it! A simple guide to the symbols on your car’s automatic gear knob. Knowing what all the letters and symbols on your car’s gear shift knob mean can help you be a better driver. Now that you know, put your car in the right gear the next time you hit the road!

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